Take the challenge – You know you want to!!

Take a pie, challenge your friends, and be part of a movement to raise awareness of Pompe disease!

Whether you’ve been challenged yet or not, #Pies4Pompe is fun!

  • Record yourself being hit by a pie!
  • Include a challenge, like “My #Pies4Pompe challenge goes to The Rock!
  • Post the video anywhere using the hashtag #Pies4Pompe. Tag the person you’re challenging!

That’s it. Have fun!

😀 If you post on Instagram with the hashtag #Pies4Pompe, your video might show at the bottom of this page!


I've been challenged! What do I do?

Accept the challenge!

Post a video of you getting hit by a pie, and challenge someone else. Post with the hashtag #Pies4Pompe and hey, you can do this more than once and challenge as many people as you like.

We’d love if you’d say something about Pompe, but mostly just have fun! Dress up and show your spirit!

Who do I challenge?

You’ve accept the challenge, great!

Challenge someone that understands why this is important to you. Family and friends are obvious, but you could also challenge a coworker, fellow student, someone from another office or company, or challenge someone that you know has a big heart, like a firefighter!

Post your video with the hashtag #Pies4Pompe and tag the person you’re challenging, if you can.

What is Pompe disease?

Pompe is a genetic disorder that results in weakened muscles and reduced ability to breathe. It can affect anyone of any age. Younger patients are usually more severely affected. Untreated babies usually don’t survive their first birthday. …more

Why have I never heard of Pompe disease?

You’re not alone. Pompe is one of 10,000 rare disorders. There are less than 70 diagnosed patients in Canada. Even many doctors have never heard of Pompe disease. …more

#Pies4Pompe & #PompeDay
We’ve been challenged by the Pompe Community to take part in #Pies4Pompe hosted by pompecanada . Now we challenge YOU to join us. Grab a pie, challenge your friends and be part of the movement to raise awareness for Pompe disease. 

If you’re not familiar with our pie participants - that’s our inspiring leaders -  CEO Charlene Son Rigby and our Senior Director of Scientific Programs Karmen Trzupek. 

#CareAboutRare #PompeAwareness #PompeDay #BeCounted
Got a little help yesterday from little Lincoln to do the #Pies4Pompe challenge. He let me pie him first so it's only it's fair he got to return the favor.

More pies to come, but the first challenge will be to Brandon Bierwagen!!! Make sure to post your video with the hashtag #pies4pompe when you do the challenge.

Go to Pies4Pompe.com for more information
Mom's turn to do the #pies4pompe challenge. She decided to challenge her nephew jjordanmagic to complete the challenge next!

Don't forget to use the hashtag #pies4pompe when posting your challenge video, and go to pies4pompe.com for more information!
#pies4pompe #rarediseaseawareness
#pies4pompe #rarediseaseawareness
#pies4pompe #rarediseaseawareness
Little Lincoln wanted to help us raise awareness for Pompe Disease! So here he is doing his #pies4pompe challenge!

We challenge his Auntie Jaime and cousins Sophia & Aria next! jaimeshanahan_
We’re proud to support pompecanada through the #Pies4Pompe Challenge! Join us in raising awareness for Pompe disease, a rare genetic disorder that impacts 5,000 to 10,000 people globally. 

Interested in making a difference? Each pie thrown is a step toward better understanding and support! So, step up and take a pie, challenge friends, and share on your own social networks. 

Click the link in our bio to show your support! 

#Pies4Pompe #MedicAlert

Défi relevé! 😄💪🔥💯

Merci Audrey Belouin pour me faire part de ce challenge et nous conscientiser à la maladie de Pompe. ❤️🙏

Je mets au défi carlosramirez_sutton 🔥

Et les courtiers du  groupesuttonclodem suttonquebecofficiel

LET'S DO IT 😅💯💯💯
#PompeDisease is a genetic disorder inherited from both parents. Take the #Pies4Pompe Challenge! #RareDisease #Pompe
#PompeDisease affects muscle strength, such as walking, standing, and even the ability to breathe. This #Pies4Pompe Challenge goes out to Ryan Colburn #RareDisease #Pompe