Take the challenge – You know you want to!!

About the #Pies4Pompe Challenge

The #Pies4Pompe Challenge is an awareness campaign hosted by Canadian Association of Pompe but driven by community and public participation.

Pompe disease is one of about 10,000 rare disorders. If you’re diagnosed with Pompe, it’s a sad reality that you may be the only Pompe patient that your doctor has ever seen. In fact, they might not have even heard of Pompe. How could they know of all 10,000 rare diseases, right?! Any delay in treatment can be devastating, especially for vulnerable Pompe babies.
Brad Crittenden
Executive Director, Canadian Association of Pompe

What can we do to shorten that delay and help families? We can talk about it. We can have fun with it. We can engage our friends and their friends, knowing that we’ll help someone simply by taking a pie and challenging a friend to do the same.